Karen Cuthrell, Founder and CEO of The Feeling Friends

Karen Cuthrell is the founder, author, and creator of The Feeling Friends. Karen started the Feeling Friends in order for it to be a world changer, in terms of its capacity for enhancing the mental wellness of children and families. Karen and the Feeling Friends offer children and families a “feelings experience” by giving children a feelings vocabulary so children can tell their parents how they feel so their parents can help them.

Adriana Granados, Founder and CEO of Pixgift

Trained as an architect and interior designer, Adriana became skilled in articulating and putting together a variety of new projects and understanding user behavior. Since 1995, she has been a serial entrepreneur who combines the field of software and the Internet and gives her the opportunity to interweave her skills in various ways. During her career, she has provided a variety of services remotely in the digital field. Her experience in design, digital design, space planning, software training at college level, authorship of books recognized by Google, outsourcing services, provided her the foundations for the creation of PixGift, the only platform driven by images that harnesses the fascination with selfies and images to leverage engagement and build a community around the greater good. Coming from a family that in two generations share 4 different nationalities, having lived in 4 countries and visited more than 46 countries, these experiences have given her a unique perspective about the lack of opportunities especially for women and children. Her desire is to leave a legacy that leads people to grow in charity and adopt inclusive positions about diversity.

Jake Teitelbaum, Founder of Resilience Gives

Originating from an unfamiliar feeling of helplessness as a cancer patient, Jake founded Resilience Gives during his senior year at Wake Forest as a way of transforming his experience into tangible impact. Apart from growing the business, Jake can usually be found on his bike, trail-running, or trying to keep up with his business partner, Mike, on the rock-wall.

Sarah Lupton, Founder of Shift Creative Agency

Sarah Lupton is a filmmaker and world traveler. She launched Shift Creative Agency to share the stories of organizations and brands she has met around the world and influence change. As a documentary producer and writer in NYC, she wrote and produced ESPN’s Let Them Wear Towels, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. She was senior producer of Ovation TV’s 6-part docu-series, “The Fashion Fund” (2014), and associate producer of Knuckleball! (2012), which aired on Showtime and premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. She has worked with clients such as Condé Nast, Google, and A&E. Sarah earned her BA in English with Highest Distinction at Duke University and her MBA at Wake Forest University, where she graduated  Beta Gamma Sigma. She currently resides in Durham, NC.

Angela Jenkins, CEO of Solarte

Originally from Winter Park, FL, Angela Jenkins had been a fan of a small, family-run, retail boutique called Solarté Collections that attracted international patrons who sought authentically French luxury merchandise, from beauty products to textiles. It was here that many customers discovered Solarté Collections’ own brand of skin and hair products with a renowned reputation for pioneering the use of pure, limited-selection ingredients. In 2004, Jenkins acquired the formulation rights to Solarté’s products and worked with Formulation Specialist, Michael Daniel, to revive the line of 12 products – six in lavender and six in verbena.  Solarté Collections aims high in their efforts to empower all women to live their lives boldly, confidently, and without fear. Angela and her company are especially committed to women who are working to overcome adverse relationships and life circumstances. To do so, they provide products and financial support to safe houses for women all over the country.

Dr. Bill Satterwhite, Co-Founder of Sneez

Dr. Bill Satterwhite is Chief Health and Wellness Officer at Wake Forest Baptist Health, responsible for creating and administering a system of preventative care and overall health improvement for 13,000 employees. Prior to this role, Dr. Satterwhite gained 16 years of clinical experience as the founder of Novant Health Twin City Pediatrics. Dr. Satterwhite holds a BA from Davidson University, a JD from UNC Chapel Hill and an MD from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Dr. Steve Hodges, Co-Founder of Sneez

Dr. Steve Hodges is an Associate Professor of Urology specializing in Pediatrics at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dr. Hodges’ interest in the use of technology to improve healthcare outcomes, combined with his first-hand experience with the illnesses his children bring home from school, prompted the development of the Sneez app. Dr. Hodges holds a BA from Duke University, and an MD from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Andy Bowline, Founder of NVolve

Andy Bowline, founder of NVOLVE, works alongside his team to improve patients’ quality of care and quality of life by helping them and their caregivers monitor medication adherence. In developing NVOLVE, Andy has combined his background in IT with his personal experiences in watching his parents care for aging family members. He and his team work to create independence for patients and peace-of-mind for caregivers, both of which are often lost in the struggle to keep up with increasing medical needs. Andy also holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Wake Forest Babcock School of Management.

Amy Robert, Founder of Healthy Bytes

More health plans than ever are willing to cover dietitian-based nutrition counseling across a variety of medical conditions and through new preventive care guidelines. Amy Roberts founded Healthy Bytes to help dietitians contract with insurance companies and simplify the billing process, allowing providers to focus on clients while making more money and growing their practices faster. Healthy Bytes saves dietitians who use its contracting services up to 20 hours by filling out nearly all of their paperwork and helping them get an NPI and complete the CAQH. Healthy Bytes is also the only full-service billing platform that specializes in nutritional counseling reimbursement and uses advanced machine learning to reduce errors and speed processing when filing claims. Its HIPAA-compliant web-based dashboard is accessible from any device.

Lauren Miller, Co-Founder of UpDog Kombucha

Lauren is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University with a degree in Economics. She discovered kombucha after trying some after yoga class years ago and became hooked. In 2016, she decided to start brewing her own and turned her wholesome hobby into a business.

Olivia Wolff, Co-Founder of UpDog Kombucha

Olivia is a recent Wake Forest graduate with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. Her love for tea led her to drink kombucha, and she hasn’t looked back. Olivia’s love for local, handcrafted and nutritious products is a passion both in and out of the brewery.

John Quinn, Founder of Wellnecity

John Quinn launched into the health-tech space in 2013 with the rollout of the ACA because of his background in digitally-focused business models, modern technology and data analytics combined with the personal feeling that America needed better answers in health-care. John has 20+ years of experience defining and implementing strategic growth initiatives, managing fast-paced change and deploying business-changing technology for a range of clients including both Global 1000 and startup companies.  John is most excited about the potential impact of big data, AI-powered analytics, and Blockchain on emerging business models in healthcare and financial services. John founded Wellnecity to rebuild healthcare in the U.S. with a focus on driving waste out of the healthcare system, leading to improved care and decreased cost. He believes the answer to improved healthcare lies in modern technology, consumer-controlled personal health data and increased leverage of data analytics to streamline connections between people and their care providers. Wellnecity is helping both healthcare providers and employers work together by tightening the connection between employer health plans and the broad network of providers delivering care.

Cory Parr, Co-Founder of Give2Gain

Cory graduated from Wake Forest University in 2009 as a 2-time All-American, national champion, and the tennis team’s all-time singles and doubles wins leader. Cory toured the world playing professionally after graduating. Returning home to his native Long Island, Cory helped fund, build, and run Christopher Morley Tennis in Roslyn, NY. Now living in Winston-Salem, Cory is focused on business development and partnerships. For fun, Cory enjoys playing golf and platform tennis as well as cheering on the New York Islanders.

Paul Yamane, Co-Founder of Give2Gain

Paul graduated from Wake Forest University in 2017 with a degree in Finance, summa cum laude. Paul worked in New York City in JPMorgan’s Leveraged Finance group, but has returned to Winston-Salem – his hometown – to satisfy his entrepreneurial hunger. Paul focuses on company strategy and operations. In his free time, Paul supports all Demon Deacon athletics as well as Notre Dame football and basketball. Paul also helps run Big Time Tennis, a company he helped start in 2008 as he transitioned to high school.

Doug Young, Co-Founder of KWIKR

Doug Young, who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in physics and mathematics, is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in building technology companies. Each of the companies Doug founded had successful exits, most to Fortune 100/500 companies such as 3M Corporation, MCI Telecommunications, Salem Communications, Landmark Media Group and Cox Communications. His success is fueled by his passion for creating “disruptive” companies and his commitment to a nurture the close-knit team of professionals that he brought with him into each new venture. Doug, who also currently serves on a number of corporate boards and is actively involved as an Angel investor in multiple privately-held companies, has a sincere desire to “make a difference” in the lives of entrepreneurs, and currently serves as a mentor for Winston Starts. Doug has two children and five grandchildren and enjoys traveling.

Martha Benbow, Co-Founder of KWIKR

An avid learner, intense competitor and eternal optimist, Winston Salem native Martha Benbow is also one of the founders of KWIKR.  Martha brings her experience as a startup consultant and principal at Strategic Focus Group, LLC, where she writes business plans, prepares corporate documents and strategizes with entrepreneurs about how to solve whatever issues they face, such as going to market strategies, bringing on talent despite budget constraints and renegotiating previous bad deals. Martha graduated from the Bryan Business School at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro at the top of her class with an MS in IT and Management in 2016, where she developed the prototype for the school’s mandatory faculty and staff cybersecurity training.  Martha also earned an MA in Liberal Studies at Wake Forest University, studied law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University School of Law, and graduated in three years, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Russian Civilization, where she also walked on the Women’s Varsity Basketball team. Martha also founded and created the Russian language program at NASA’s Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and she has also studied at the Herzen Institute in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Mannheim Graduate Business school in Mannheim Germany and at Casa Artom, in Venice, Italy. Martha values her family and her health, enjoys tennis and basketball, architecture and international travel and appreciates cultural diversity and innovation.